What's wrong with me?

Hi everyone. I’m puzzled and looking for some of your lots wisdom. I’ve been diagnosed since may this year, been on Rebif since September had my flu jab at the beginning of this month. I went to bed last might about half ten, and I have just literally managed to drag myself out of bed. I’ve got a headache, which could be dehydration to be honest. My legs and arms are very very heavy, I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus. I don’t feel hungry but I’m gonna force myself to eat, and I’m gonna rehydrate myself too. I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts? The reason I mention the flu jab is because I have had the flu before and it does feel like half of the flu. I mean I haven’t got a really bunged up feeling, I’m sneezing alot and my throat feels tender. But that feeling of not being able to get up is there I’m also hot and cold. I wondered if anyone had some advice? Thanks guys, suz xx

Hi Susie, The flu’ jab is not 100% effective, so I wonder if you’re one of the unlucky few who get flu’ anyway? It does sound as if it might be. Alternatively, it might just be the start of a heavy cold, or other virus. These can play havoc with the old MS. Third possibility, I’m afraid, is that it’s a relapse. Rest up and look after yourself, and see how it goes. You might find you have a streaming cold in the morning, and all is explained. Tina x

Hi suzie, I have a few friends who get the flu jab and every time 3 of them get the flu symtoms?(non ms friends) i have never had a flu jab.julsiexx

Thanks guys, I might give the doc a ring in the morning. It’s not like me to be unlucky with my health… I am the picture of health me. :slight_smile: thanks again, Suz xx

Hi Suz

Whateverit be, I hope you feel better soooon!