What would you do if......?

So happy to hear you have some resolve and now it will never happen again. I wish we could all live by never say or write anything about anyone that you wouldnt say to their face. Facebook can be a pain in the axx. Pauline xx

CP I’m so glad you’ve talked it over. Finding the balance between amusing and embarrassing can sometimes go wrong. So pleased you can sit it out between you without getting nasty, you’ve obviously got a good relationship, so well done. And that’s what friends are for.

Take care

Cath xx

So pleased you managed to talk to her and make your point! Hope all is well that ends well! Nina x

CP, I am so glad you managed to speak it through. Communication is one of the main things in a relationship and you obviously have a good one. So pleased, Mags xx

CP, sounds as though you’re finding a way to reconciliation. I’ve followed this thread without comment so far, but should have said sooner that I was feeling for you. Hope things continue to resolve. All the best-


Facebook [ or face-ache as l think it should be called] is a dangerous place - and certainly not for any ‘professionals’ to use as it can easily backfire on them. A hospital consultant - you would have hoped would have known better. As 11 people ‘liked’ - out of 300 - means that 289 people probably felt very uncomfortable - so she has not done herself any favours. You are entitled to patient confidentiality even if she does not actually ‘treat you’.

ln the circumstances - l feel you have been very forgiving. But if it was me l would not be forgetting.

Thank-you all for replying. I have become housebound and was resigned to no improvement but can now hope things may improve.

Clucker, I’m so sorry to hear that but glad it’s sorted now


CP I am glad you have both talked about it, onwards and upwards now.

Pam x

CP just written three replies deleated all three just wanted to say give her a hug


[quote=“suegarbutt23”] Thank-you all for replying. I have become housebound and was resigned to no improvement but can now hope things may improve. [/quote] Hi Sugarbutt, I think you answered on the wrong post… easily done. Sorry to hear you are housebound. Can you not get out on a mobility scooter or wheelchair? If you can’t afford either, post again & I’ll tell you ways of getting them for free. I’ve been trying to find your original post but can’t see it. Anyway, whatever the reason why you hope things improve, I wish you the best of luck. If you want to post again, go back to the page where you can see all the titles of the posts and click on NEW THREAD. Put in a title & then write your post. Hope you are doing ok, Pat xx


I am very prudish , when i go swimming in the morning i make sure that get a changing room to myself, and this one of the things that bugs me about this condition, there are things that i cannot control, and when things happen hubby laughs , but as others have said maybe your wife is finding it hard to cope with the change in you, my husband either tries to treat me like an invilid or totally ignores it. So I have come to the conclusion that he is totally confused even though i have had this for ten years, brother in law(hubby’s brother ) has cerebal palsy hubby once said i understand disability i have lived with it all my life but b-i-l has a total different disability from me , so like you i have to sit him down and explain, on loads of occasions.#

take care