What treatment can I get for this symptom?

I've suffered on and off with tight muscles, mostly in my thighs, backside and back for 18 months, tried osteopath, tens machine, herbal remedies etc

I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & probable MS (don't ask) as well as having M.E.

Last night it was the worst it's ever been ended up going to bed as the tightness was making me feel sick despite tacking tramadol, ended up having horrible nightmares all night and I'm not much better today.

When I spoke to the Neuro about this he offered me diazapan which I was reluctant to take as it's so addictive.

But I feel really rough and need something to help with this, what are my options?  Will the GP just be able to give me something to treat this or will I have to go back to the neurologist.

Hi Tabitha

I take baclofen for spasms and spasticity and, although they don't stop it, they do take the edge of it.

It can take a little time to get the dose right, but maybe worth asking your gp.

Hope this helps, take care


Hi, thanks for the reply, I'm going to make an appointment to see my GP

my gp wont give me anything for back spasms and right arm jerks. she wants me to see the neuro first as she wants neuro to see my like this :( Im jerking all over the place most of the day so I wish i could get something now. take care of yourself Tabitha xx


hey Hun…I think it would be wise to go for something for now even if it’s just a short. course…I am in diazepam 2mg up to 3 times daily and it’s helped my spasms …no reason why gp can’t give you something and they may call neuro to advise if you were already offered diazepam by neuro and your symptoms are still there shouldn’t be a problem.
have you tried acupuncture?

Hi Tabitha,

Is it a while before you see the neuro again?

If so, then maybe give his secretary a call to see whether your appt could be brought forward.

If that's not possible then he may be able to prescribe something for you in the interim period. Tell him that you don't like the sound of the diazapam because there are probably other options available.

For years, I've had what I always thought was restless legs at night time. But the jerks got really bad and it wasn't just limited to my legs by this point either. They turned out to be myoclonic jerks so my neuro started me on clonazepam which has made a big difference.

I still get them but nowhere near as bad - the clonazepam has definitely decreased the severity of them on the whole. Now it's mainly my hands which jerk but that comes and goes at it's leisure. 

Hope that helps

Debbie xx