what to wear dla tribunal

Ive been told the panel look at what your wearing on the day, any tips

This is from the benefitsandwork website:

"Clients do often ask what they should wear. As with the representative, dressing smartly demonstrates respect and ‘respectability’. However, if in their claim they have said that they have to wear slip on shoes, elasticated waists or other clothing dictated by their condition then your client should either:

  • wear that clothing, because the tribunal will definitely notice if they don’t and are entitled to draw conclusions from it; or
  • wear smart clothes but actually point out to the panel that this is not what they normally wear and explain any extra help required or discomfort involved."

If you haven’t joined it, please consider it. It’s about £20 for the first year and can be worth every penny!

Good luck!

Karen x

So that means I`ll have to leave my six inch stilettos, tight leather jeans and purple sparkly boob tube at home then eh?

Actually my everyday type of clothing consists of baggy elasticated trousers, a smock top with no buttons or zips, ugly velcro sandals and thick thermal sox. Not gonna tell you about my unmentionable undrgarments, which you would never peg out on the washing line!

luv POllx


I’d be turning up in my dressing gown and big comfy socks!


me too

Lol…well hun whatevr you wear.hope it goes well for you…I recently had my esa suspended for no reason…some confusion about permitted work and being in the support group…right bunch of numpties I can tell you…they lifted the suspention two weeks later…and have written a letter of complaint…

Are you taking someone with you? I went with my friend for hers and spoke on her behalf too once they had asked her questions…and I think it really helped overall…

Em x