what to expect from gabapentin?

Good evening all Hope all are well So I saw my neurologist today and they have put me on gabapentin. started on a low dose but they are raising the dosage every 3 days so next week I shall be on quite a high dose of 900mg 3 times a day. I had my kids with me today and have had a very mushy mind recently so didnt ask what the gabapentin will actually help with. Will it help the pins and needles, the heavy feeling, the burning pain and also will it help with my weakness?? Thanks guys xxx

I was put on it for back pain on 900mg it doesn’t seem to help much, will up dose to max soon, doesn’t help with anything else or my weakness.

Hi I’ve been on it for 4 months, for pins & needles and burning legs, it’s been fantastic for me. Give it time to work took a few weeks to really start, hope it works for you Gray

Thanks guys. So far then mixed reviews. Guess its down to the individual. Think my partner thought it was going to be a miracle pill, after 2 tablets he asked me if it was working! I shall give it a month at least and see how I go. Did anyone feel groggy with it?? Xxx

Watch the weight. I gained 1 stone in 2 months. Moyna xxx

Oh god I hope I don’t but I am dieting so should be ok. Yeah if this months don’t help I’ll up dose once more been taking them 2 months now.

Oh no!! Do not wanting to putting on any pounds! Its taken me a year to get rid of my baby fat. So you havent notice any change in 2 months then?? Xxx