What to expect at a yearly review

My MRI a year ago showed an area of demyelination. The letter said ‘it was not MS at this time.’ I’ve been sent an appointment with the neurologist for september. Nothing has changed as they found the demyelination just because of the scan. Are they likely to run another MRI or will it be a case of come back of you have symptoms. I get headaches, but it isn’t related to this.


I hate to try to second-guess a neuro, because they can come up with the unexpected, but my guess would be that if they wanted a follow-up scan, they would have scheduled it for BEFORE your next review, so you’d be able to discuss the findings. I’m a diagnosed person: my neuro was very specific that he wanted a second scan in six months, and only to see me after that. The results of the second scan confirmed my diagnosis (I had new lesions). If your neuro had wanted a second scan, I can’t see why he wouldn’t have made arrangements ahead of your next meeting. So I guess he isn’t going to call for one, and will just say: “Come back if you get more problems”. I could be wrong, though.


Thanks. If it is just a ‘see how you are’ it seems a waste of time as the GP could do that as the only way they would know if it has changed is to check. At least I know to expect nothing useful. When I was going through it all the first time I had an appointment just to give me a list of bloodtests to have before the next appointment, so no wonder people have to wait so long to see someone!