MRI results in 3 months

I have 2 lesions on my brain that were identified a year ago. I saw the neurologist again and the only change is I get a tingly face every now and again. He sent me for another MRI. The secretary sent me an email and the results have been reviewed and the appointment is in another 3 months. It obviously means that nothing has changed. Should I ask for one in a year instead? It seems a waste of time to go and be told there is no change.

I wouldn’t risk it. There’s nothing to say that something might change in the time til your next appointment. I know it seems fruitless, but there might be something else. A lot of it is a wait and see type thing they like to do to people in limbo.

Stay strong and the forum is always here. If I were you I’d stick to the appointment in 3 months. Something else might come up to help speed things along in diagnosis. You never know.

Good luck,

Tsuki xxx

I agree. We are always complaining about being fobbed off or not seen enough. At least this way you are still on the radar.

Thanks. I just think waiting lists wouldn’t be so long if they didn’t have appointments to tell you nothing has changed! I got an appointment quickly last time when I had an eye problem, that turned out to be unrelated, so not really worried that it would be an issue if I needed to see him. I’ll keep it for now and cancel it nearer the time if I don’t have anything to discuss.

Don’t forget, there’s still physical checks they can do on you so don’t cancel the appointment, it is still worthwhile.

And I say this because I was actually quite embarassed at my first neuro appointment… I thought my MRI was to do with trapped nerves and I was terrified when the spinal unit referred me to neurology but I truly had no idea, I barely knew anything about MS!

When the neuro asked to examine me, he asked my husband if he wanted to come into the room too and I was fine with that… til I nearly fell over for the 2nd time sigh I suppose I hadn’t really registered quite how bad I was til then.

My point is there’s a lot they piece together from hearing what you feel is happening and some simple tests. I’ve since remembered that even the spinal unit (the letter showed up really late!) had a pretty good idea what was going on!

Good luck with your appointment :slight_smile:

Sonia x