are we not important!

I phoned the neuro today to ask about the results of my last MRI 4 weeks ago. The lady I spoke to told me my results are there and are waiting for the secretary to type it up. She then went on to say if my neuro says so then I’ll be copied in to the letter when they send it to my GP… If not then phone my GP in a week!!

Am I wrong, but why don’t they think its important to actually tell us what’s going on! Are we just not important enough??!

Now I’m guessing that the result is clear again? If there was anything on it surely the neuro would send for me wouldn’t he??

After 6 and a half years of getting no where I’m seriously fed up with it! I wish I could just say forget it and walk away… But obviously my body has other ideas :frowning:

Sorry hon :frowning: I do sympathise. I’m having my third MRI in a couple of weeks. xxx

Hi, there were times when I too felt like saying forget it and not go to anymore neuro appointments.

But that isnt really the wise thing to do.

Hang in there hun.

luv Pollx

dont give up, keep goin x

Hi I know I’ve been frustrated by that having to chase to get results and thinking exactly the same!..surely we are the patient and its about us so we should know what’s going on when everyone else does I appreciate they have a huge caseload but its nice to know what’s happening…I remember saying on several occasions I wish I had never bothered going down this road and not knowing but then you wouldn’t get treatment and hopefully prevent further relapses…hang in there and good luck x

My advice to people who think that their lives are whizzing by too quickly is: have an MRI when MS is suspected and then start waiting for the results! That will slow things down all right. I am sorry you are having such a frustrating time - still. Such a drain on well being, all the worrying and waiting. Alison