MRI Question

Hi all

I hope you are all well. I have been doing really well but read a thread the other day which mention a ‘yearly MRI’ - I have been dx 18 months now and haven’t had one since my last relapse 20 months ago.

Do you ever have an MRI to ‘keep an eye on things?’ I see the Neuro next week for a regular check up…


Kayla x

Hi, if you are already diagnosed, I doubt you would get a yearly MRI. Unless you were having relapses often. Our pal Rizzo will know more about it. I guess she`ll be along shortly!

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With my ‘new’ neurologist I have had an MRI if I have new symptoms.I don’t see why they would do one otherwise tbh.

I had one this year and two the year before.The last two that I had showed no new or active lesions.


Take care,Brenda x

Hi I’ve only ever had one MRI and that was over 18yrs ago immediate diagnosis. xx

Hiya Kayla

I was told by my old neuro that you may not have another MRI scan, once they’ve diagnosed you as your symptoms tell them far more than a scan will. He said the only time they would do another scan, would be if you needed to have one as part of the requirements for certain DMD’s (e.g. Tysabri or Campath (or what ever it’s called these days!)).

From the look of it on here, there are some neuro’s that want to see a new scan once in a while but I don’t think it’s an annual thing, even then. I’ve been diagnosed for nearly 8 years and have had 2 scans. The first one for diagnosis and the 2nd one was pure chance as I was on a trial and was around when they were looking for someone to have a scan to test the new scanner. That was about 5 years ago and there has been no mention of me having another one.



Hello Kayla,

Don’t worry too much that you haven’t had regular MRIs. I only get them after each relapse and as my Rebif isn’'t working as well as it used to, I get more relapses and so have more MRIs. But I don’t worry too much if I don’t have them as there is diddly - squit that the medics can do to alter the course of the illness anyway.

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Most people do not automatically have another MRI after dx, particularly if things are fairly stable. All it would show is that you still have MS, and you know that already. I did not have another for years, not until my MS got lively and they wanted to rule out strokes etc (if it’s just ‘normal’ MS crap, they have a pretty good idea what is going on in there without even having to look) and then to confirm things were active enough to warrant Tysabri. Alison x

I was only dx in June following MRI of brain and spine. I have Rebif in fridge awaiting training. However my neuro doesn’t want to see me again unless I have any problems. She said that once most patients start DMD’s she often doesn’t see them again. I am not discharged but will have no more appointments sent…so I am guessing no annual MRI…not even an appointment! Makes sense though not much more to be done…I have a ms nurse for everyday problems so to speak. Mish x

Hi there,

I had an MRI at diagnosis in July 2011, then another two in July 2012 as I’d been having back to back relapses, the ones this year were with and without contrast in order to view lesion activity and this resulted in me starting Copaxone.

I’m not scheduled to have any more MRIs at this stage, I guess we will look and see how things are with the Copaxone over the next few months/year.