Frequency of MRI?

Hi just wondering…I was diagnosed in May 2017, and told I’d have a 6/12 follow up. No appointment yet but that doesn’t surprise or concern me. Things have settled for the time being thankfully. I was just wondering though, how often do you usually have an MRI? Neuro didn’t mention that I’d be having one at this next appointment…so how will he/I know if anything has changed? I haven’t had another relapse, so great…but my first MRI showed a LOT of lesions despite me presenting with my first symptoms (aged 35 at the time). So clearly things were happening that I wasn’t aware of.

It just concerns me slightly because I opted not to start DMDs as we want to expand our family, on the proviso that I would start them if my MS turned out to be rapidly progressing (ie I had another big relapse within 2 years). I just think if I don’t have an MRI and have no new symptoms…it will just be assumed that nothing has changed, when it might have. What is your experience with frequency of MRI?

After dx, I didn’t have another MRI until the one they did nearly ten years later when the Avonex had stopped working, but they needed scan evidence to confirm the obvious before getting me started on Tysabri.

Given your circs, however - history of lots off silent lesions and a desire to steer clear of DMDs while you try for a family - I would be inclined to encourage your neuro to keep a closer eye than that on scan evidence over time. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need, and to keep on asking. Your neuro might disagree (although I think this unlikely), but, in that case at least he/she would have a chance ot explain why.