Diagnosed today

Hi I was diagnosed with MS today. I had clonus in left ankle and purple toes on my left foot. The neuro said I had new lesions on my repeat spine and brain MRi, but he said he couldn’t be sure that these lesions were not from the time of my CIS. During my CIS I had an MRI then started oral steriods 5 days after the MRI. (delays in getting my MRI results and delay in getting my prescription). I think in hindsight it would have been better for me if the hospital just admitted me in after having the MRI scan and put me on IV steriods. I was very unwell at the time.

He said I could have a LP if I wanted but it wasn’t a requirement. I wondered now I am diagnosed, the neurologist said “see you in six months”. How frequently would I have MRI scans? Every 6 months, yearly or only if I have a relapse? thanks xx

Hi Helebon, ‘commisulations’ on your diagnosis. I wish you all the best with your treatment and hope you get all the support you need. xxx

My neuro only wants to see me once a year. He said I wouldn’t be given an MRI again unless I had more relapses than anticipated. Hope you are coping ok with your diagnosis. I know it’s an emotional roller coaster, hope you are getting the support you need xx

Thanks for the responses. I’ve been thinking positively and you never know as my diagnisis was made on radiological evience I may never go on to have a second attack. xx