What to ask the specialists before being diagnosed

Hi I’ve had some really valuable comments and feedback on here and everyone is so supportive, so thank you :slight_smile: Can I ask… I have an appointment with my pain clinic next week. They will have a copy of my brain MRI which has shown clear. I’m intending on asking for a spinal scan which seems the next step. What else can I say/ ask because when I read through everything on symptoms and what people are saying on here, I do identify with so much of it. But obviuosly I can’t go to the specialist and tell him I have MS! Any pointers would be most welcomed - I want to make the most of the appointment to try and get diagnosed one way or another. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I don’t think a pain clinic will give you any opportunity to ask for more tests, but if you haven’t had them, these are some of the non-MRI tests: lumbar puncture, VEPs, SSEPs, EMG and numerous blood tests. There may be other types of MRI scan that you haven’t had too, eg DWI. I think that the thing that gets people these tests more than anything is an abnormal clinical exam. Without that, there is no justification for the expenditure. Karen x

Thanks Karen - it all sounds very complicated! Last time I saw my pain clinic it had to be them that referred me for to the neurologist who then sent me for the MRI, so I just want to be fully armed with the right things to ask and say because I feel last time the nerves got the better of me :frowning: