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help needed for my partner

How do you guys go about getting help when your specialist wont even give you a mri scan to be fare to the specialist she’s useless and would rather talk about the weather than fixing my girl. Sorry to rant on.

Use the complaint procedure. You’re obviously struggling so the service might have a Counselling facility you could get help from.

It is horrible when you don’t get the support that you want. Try to make it easier for them to help you rather than to not help. Get noisy and awkward.

The flip side is that MRI scans are expensive and highly trained staff are needed. So there is a limit on resources, particularly free NHS resources. Have you considered the possibility of getting a scan privately? Pretty expensive but a potentially quicker way forward. If you are dissatisfied with your specialist, try to investigate the possibility of being referred to another neurologist. Once again you might need to be awkward the get help but I recognise your frustration. I had a number of “not very good” specialists before I found someone who listened and was willing and able to help.
Good luck

Has she had a diagnosis, or is she trying to get one? If she’s already got an MS diagnosis but nothing is being offered, then if your partner is seen under the NHS then maybe speak to the patients advice and liaision service PALS for her hospital. If trying to get a diagnosis, then go back to her GP and seek their advice.

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I’m sorry things are so rough for you both right now :pensive:

Here’s the NHS page on complaints, should you feel the need to go that route: How to complain to the NHS - NHS

There is usually a patient liaison service at each hospital, and you could try going through that - there’s more info on that page.

Does your girlfriend have a supportive GP? It can make a huge difference to trying to seek out this kind of care when your GP is on your side and willing to push for you. Changing GP surgeries can be kind of a hassle (some require you to show multiple IDs and attend a meeting with their practice manager or similar before they’ll accept you as a patient) but if she doesn’t have a supportive GP, it might be worth considering. Talk to friends who have had health problems and live in your area, and see if anyone you know has a GP they adore. If you find a local GP with amazing reviews and her current GP isn’t providing the kind of support she needs and pushing for the right care, consider whether it would be worth switching. I know it doesn’t solve your immediate problem with the neurologist, but I just don’t know what I’d do without my GP, he’s been such a huge support.

What has the specialist told you so far? Maybe if we had a little more info, someone might be able to suggest a more specific next step.