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Hi there.

The S on my keyboard is intermittent. Please excuse any mistake. I can pell haha

I am new here but jut looking for help. I have no diagnosis of ms.

I am off to docs on monday and could do with some advice please.

I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s thyroiditis several years ago. I complained of pains long before this and they are getting worse and wore.

The docs told me “it’s probably fybromyalgia. Lots of people with hashimotos have it.” They gave me tramadol and sent me home without aking where the pain was, what it’ like or anything.

I go for blood tests regularly and they adjut levothyroxine. They say my levels are fine and send me home. I can’t understand why my symptoms are getting worse.

I complained of IBS and they tested for coeliacs. Negative. They give me more tramadol and send me home.

I say I’m exhausted and they say that it’ because I have four children (two of them have tourettes adhd asd sleep disorders etc.).

I am 32 and very happily married yet I am so down. I went from working 12 hour shifts in a busy pub and loving it to barely walking down my street without pain and fatigue.

I have moved to a new area and am going to the gp for the first time and was wondering if somebody here could tell me if my symptoms are enough to warrant at leat looking into possible MS.

Despite thyroid levels I am tired and exhausted. I got bell’s palsy 6 years ago and it still isn’t right. I am clumsy and fall down more and more. I am very forgetful. I very often feel like a voodoo doll. feels like needles poking everywhere. I wake in the night with similar pains in my wrists and fingers. My knuckles are very bad lately. My hips and knees hurt so much I have to stop twice on the way upstairs. Pains in my back are excruciating. I shake. Sometimes I go to have a sip of water and my head/neck jars and shakes. My feet and legs cramp and contort lasting for hours/days. The most weird is that sometimes my limbs especially left arm is numb or just feels like it doesn’t belong to me.

I do have thyroid problems but I can’t help but feel fobbed off. Should I be pushing for more tests and help or should I accept this is the way my life is now and be done with it?

Please help


Good morning.

Have you had or indeed has anyone suggested an MRI?


hi mama bear

see your new gp and tell him your history of problems.

if he/she looks a bit blank, ask if it would be possible to be referred to a neurologist.

the neuros are the gatekeepers to MRIs.

​i hope your new gp goes to greater lengths than the last one.

it sounds to me that you have been fobbed off and left to deal with your illness by yourself.

carole x

Thanks for the replies.

Nobody has suggested a referral for anything. One gp told me I would eventually need to see an endochronologist but I wasn’t bad enough for that yet.

I really do feel that I’m on my own with this. I would have hoped that by now they would have tested for these possibilities and told me about my illness. Instead I feel like I am telling them what it could be. I started getting panic attacks a year or so ago and I think they have labelled me a crazy hypochondriac ever since. They told me my shaking and dizziness were part of the panic attacks but given that those symptoms remain even though I haven’t had a panic attack in moths I believe they were triggers.

I have made up my mind not to leave the docs tomorrow without something other than tramadol and a polite smile.

Thanks again