Could it be MS?

Hi all,

I have been back and forth to my GP (never the same one twice, because of oversubscribed practise) for nearly two years. I have had blood tests galore. That have ruled out thyroid and the change. Last April I was given a diagnoses of Fibro, given pain killers and told go away and get on with it.

Over the last 6 months my symptoms have worsened considerably and I had to literally beg for a referral. I am now on the waiting list to see a Rhuematologist, but I am not convinced that MS should have been ruled out so early.

Having looked through the information on this site I do have a lot of the symptoms (I know they do overlap with fibro). My GP ruled out MS two years ago (by means of a conversation) as he said I would be having pins and needles, at that time I did not, I do get pain, muscle weakness, spasms. I have recently started getting pins and needles in my hands and right thigh but very mildly. I also have a range of other symptoms the main ones being: night sweats, fibro fog, fatigue, dizzy spells, IBS, sensitivity to changes in temperature, constant pain in numerous joints/limbs/muscles. My eyesight is also deteriorating fast I have had 2 pairs of glasses in 10 months and now have verifocals. My symptoms vary in severity from day to day.

Is there a definitive test for MS? I know there is not for fybro. Are there marked differences in symptoms between the two?

What should I expect from my appointment with a Rheumatologist? I have already written down every symptom to take with me as I can’t trust myself to remember them all!

hi paganhippy

you would need a referral to a neurologist, then an mri and maybe a lumbar puncture to get a diagnosis of ms.

if your gp is adamant that you do not have ms he may not want to refer you.

either try a different doctor or go private to a neuro.

if you get a diagnosis from a private neuro s/he may switch you to his/her NHS caseload.

good luck

carole x

ps your user name takes me back to my glastonbury years!


I thought it was only a Rheumatologist who diagnoses Fibro. I was diagnosed that in April, now I am having tests for MS as since January last year I have extremely bad memory and then in March my whole left side went numb, I thought I was having a stroke. This has never gone away.

I remember my Rheumataolist asking me if I was getting pins and needles or spasms and at the time I wasn’t, so she may have referred me herself If I had answered yes. So she/he may be a really good person to see.

I hope someone takes you seriously soon. Is it MS? I don’t know, I don’t know if that’s what I have, but you just need to keep pushing.


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Keep at them as I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia for over 10years had been sent to rheumatologist when I told her my symptoms she referred me to neurologist

Outcome was me taking a stroke last April this coincided with the results of her referral(m r I this showed more lesions and

Stroke unit done another m r i this showed up more lesions and that I had active m.s.

So as the others have said above keep up the fight and don’t back down .good luck