What should I expect from my first Neuro appointment

Evening all.

After months of waiting I finally have my first appointment with a Neurologist. Any ideas what to expect? I have a list of symptoms to take with me/ when they started and the severity.

Is there anything else that could help? Any ideas what I should expect? I just don’t want to miss anything out.

Any advice welcome. Thank you!

Have you got someone going with you and will they be able to prompt you when your words dry up?

will they make notes of what the neuro says?

it used to be standard practise to introduce you to your ms nurse but in these screwed up Covid times, who knows?

ask about this.

it is a fascinating chance to see the neurology department.

good luck

Carole x

Hi, I have also recently been diagnosed with RRMS. I have had my first consultation with the neurologist who will now been looking after my case, the consultation was over the telephone and he was keen to understand what symptoms I had. We talked through my history of symptoms, first experienced numbness in my right hand, followed by pins n needles in my thighs, we also discussed a bout of what I thought was labyrinthitis late 2018 which the neurologist says may have been a relapse,

I had already had MRI of neck, head and lumber puncture and he talked through (in plain English) what the findings were and he said that these were suggesting RRMS, he said my scans were not too bad but he wanted a scan of my lower spine as well as full bloods. Given the number of relapses (dizziness in late 2018, numbness in hands July 19 and the pins n needles Nov 19) he advised me that I should consider the first line disease modifying drugs - I was advised to consider 3 and he talked through the side affects and told me to go away and research side affects and a MS nurse would be j touch to arrange bloods and discuss the medication with me. My next appointment with Neurologist has been scheduled for March and he did say that hopefully this would be a face to face consultation (fingers crossed). I am currently waiting on my prescription and hope to start the medication in a few weeks.

Hope this helps and good luck with your appointment.