1st neuro appointment tmrw any advice pls ?

Hello everyone Well my first appointment with the neuro is in the morning and want to make the best use of it as I can just wondered if any advice on what he may do ? And any advice on anything I should do I have made a list of my symptoms to take along as I no I will forget things when I’m there Feeling nervous incase he dismisses me the same way as my go has for so long hence why I want to be as prepared as I can Thanks all

Hi There, I had my first ever appointment today. I was very anxious and I could swear my symptoms felt worse. Haha. Not only take a list of your symptoms like you mentioned,…I also took a lists of questions that I I was wanting a professional opinion on and things that I had wondered since my possible ms diagnosis. I asked a lot about the support system they have on offer and what sort of drug they expect to give me besides the steroids and gabapentin for the neurological pain. I also took a list of all the current medication I an on. When I got to my appointment I was asked about family history, my general health and questions such as do I smoke etc. I was then asked about my pregnancy and labour from the previous year (applicable) lol. I then did some walking tests such as walking on heels, toes and one foot directly infront of the other. It did some general eye tests as well as hand eye co-ordination. I was also asked to rub the heel of my foot from my opposite knee down to the foot. I was then poked and scratched with a very small pin. Lol I predict that then an MRI/lumbar puncture would then be arranged for a later date (I had had mine before my appointment) Blood was then taken and I was free to go. I am now waiting on a letter with regards to the results. The doctor will explain about different types of MS and will answer any questions you have. Hope this eases you a little and good luck with your appointment. Sarah

Thanks so much for your reply that’s a great help I’m very anxious about it nothing has been mentioned as to what is wrong with me as Gp had been a complete waste of time for the past 2-3 yrs and has reluctantly referred me to the neuro as I have a list of symptoms as long as my arm Just worried that neuro will have the same attitude as my Gp but hopefully not Thanks again for all your advise much appriciated Xx

Neurologists are great. I have been seeing a professor who has been amazing. I had a lumbar puncture last month (not as painful as you think!) Just make sure you actually lay down for a few hours after because when the anaesthetic wears off it hurts. But think positive!! I go to hospital in a few weeks for chemotherapy and am very nervous! Good luck to you with all of your results xxx

No problem. My GP is too laid back for my liking and I remember saying to my husband before I went in That I was afraid that the neurologist wouldn’t take me seriously… But I was completely surprised. I believe that because it is a specialist doctor you are going to see it will make that hell of a difference and you’ll hopefully be able to get the answers your needing. Best wishes.

Thanks again fingers crossed xx

Just an update … Saw my neurologist for first time today and thankfully he seemed to be very pleasant and listened to what I had to say … He has ruled out any disc problems in upper back or neck and has referred me to have a brain scan as said this is what we need to check ! Anyway more waiting but at least he didn’t make me feel like I was going mad which is how my Gp makes me feel Just got to sit tight now and wait for appointments

I’m delighted that the ball is rolling for you and the appointment itself wasn’t too bad. Keep us posted. Best of luck. Xx

Had to see my Gp this morning just to get my sick note as feeling terrible arms and legs feel so weak especially my right side still got the buzzing and pins n needles … I saw a student doctor first who I have a seen a couple of times and knows a little of my background he asked how id got on with neuro yesterday and I explained he said it may be psychological ?? But when I mentioned my symptoms get worse when I’ve had a bath he then said that can happen with ms but it can’t be that as none of my other symptoms are ms like ??? I have severe pins n needles , buzzing feeling , fatigue , doozy spells and numbness … Is it me or could these symptoms link to ms ? Not saying that’s what I have but I’m sure these symptoms are ms symptoms Sorry just needed to get that off my chest as I think there trying to say its in my head :frowning: Xx

Sorry it was student doctor who said psychological not the neuro ! X

How frustrating - sounds like the student doctor doesn’t know much about MS - as far as I know, all those symptoms could link to MS (although as we all know here, there are also other possible diagnoses and the road to finding out is a long one). At least all you needed from him was the sick note - I presume he at least did that? You’ve got a scan coming up so I guess you just have to wait until you have the results from that. Hope you don’t have to wait too long.

lilacgirl x

Yeah hopefully not to long … Think I just needed to have a little moan in my earlier post :slight_smile: it’s just so frustrating but I no there are many more in a lot worse situation than myself and I shouldn’t moan really xx