What next?

Ok I know there are a lot of people out there with problems of their own but if there were a prize for screw ups I’m sure I would win. So been diagnosed with MS for a couple of years now. My last partner left me (and cheated) when diagnosis looked likely. I met someone else who said she didn’t care about disease so being grateful I committed even knowing we had nothing in common, Sure enough she told me she had been in prison (my workplace) and even though I had not known her at the time I still reported it to management. We had our ups and downs and then to my horror she ended up in prison on remand last April. I reported this again and she was moved to another prison. (this was not because I had reported it just normal procedure) once moved she phoned and wrote to me and although I had reported it I was suspended and still am. She was acquitted of all charges but this has not made a difference.

I live in a rough area and over the summer holidays local youths have been setting fires, smashing bottles and throwing stones at our windows. I had enough and chased them away with a baseball bat. Did not intend nor did i hit anyone. They ran away and have not been back. However I was charged with a breach of the peace a couple of weeks later, went to court, pled guilty and have been fined £500. Being employed with the SPS and already suspended this may well seal my fate.

If it were not for the stress I was under this would not have happened. In my disciplinary paperwork a past manager says that because of my illness I am now “deskbound” I want to fight this but losing will. Since geting out my partner has abused presciption drugs and I have finished the relationship. so it’s all been for nothing.

I know that it’s late and I’m drunk but at the end of my tether. Have had enough and vindictive ex has stolen my mobile so can’t ask friends for support. Good luck everybody. I wish you all well.

hi ail

oooh you have been having a rough old time.

tomorrow is a new day and you can make it through.

hopefully your employer will use some discretion and although unpleasant you may keep your job.

as far as the women in your life, you have been unlucky in choosing 2 bad ones.

its a learning curve always no matter how old you are.

so you need some time to tidy up your social life, then start mixing with a wider circle.

good luck and i hope you meet a nice woman

carole x

Hi Ail72,

I do feel for you hun - you seemed to have picked two nasty sorts. We aren’t all like that - honest.

I do hope your work show a little bit of sympathy - circumstances and all that. If they offer you the desk job would it possibly be a good idea to accept it while you got everything else back on track. Or would it then be impossible to get away from the desk afterwards.

I do wish you luck hun. This disease if difficult enough without everything else going wrong.

Take care

JellyBellyKelly x

I am sorry that so much trouble has come to your door. Hang on in there - I really hope that you reach calmer waters soon.


Oh luv, what a chuffin` to do, innit?

As others have said, there are more good ladies out there.

Have you thought about getting a transfer and re-locating?

Perhaps thats not what you want, so sorry if Ive said the wrong thing.

luv Pollx

Hello Ali72,

I am so sorry to read of your bad luck at meeting two shallow women. You will bounce back though and hopefully find someone that deserves you.

Good luck,


Cheers for those that replied. Was feeling ever so sorry for myself but bit better today. Was forced to give up operational role two years ago despite not being off sick but at the time was easier to give in than fight it. Just want to keep my job. I know I have done nthing wrong but having been suspended for two months now is taking it’s toll. There is a definate link between stress and MS. Twitching, neck pain, numbness all increased. Got hearing next Wednesday so keep everything crossed for me!

I wish you well for Wednesday, try to stay positive. Like the others have said, not everyone’s like your recent partners and honestly don’t you think now that their leaving was for the best? Everyone deserves happiness and they only brought heartache. Not everyone’s like them, be patient and wait for someone who will treat you the way you should be treated.


You have been through the mill but remember youv’e been down.

Now there’s only one way and thats UP.

All the best to you in the future


Aw, that’s awful and yes, I’m sure the stress has not been good for you :frowning:

Good luck with your hearing, I hope things work out for you :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hi Ali

Good luck for your hearing. I hope you’re not going into it alone. Do you have a union rep or someone who can speak up for you?

I’m sure there is a nice lady out there somewhere for you. Don’t give up hope. Things can only get better, at least that’s what I always tell myself when I think I’ve hit rock bottom :slight_smile:

Take care



Chin up old bean, you have had a shitty time of it! Hope the hearing goes well,try to relax, if at all possible!

Good luck,


oh that sounds pretty crap. I have no constructive advice, but someone said to me once when I was at my lowest… It always turns out ok in the end. If it’s not ok yet, it’s not the end. x

Hi Ail

You have alot of support from us on here!!!

Good luck for the hearing on wednesday,wil be thinking of you

Kate x x

Good luck from me too hun.


Cheers everyone.

I’ll let you know how it goes although unlikely to get result on Wednesday. Feeling more positive. I’m a bloody good employee with years of experience and knowledge in my field. An expert! So if they sack me it’s their loss. So there! Obviously will be a lot more humble at the actual hearing! (probably end up weeping and begging but it’s theraputic to tell them what I think of them in my head!.) Two months of utterly unnecessary stress and worry. Lawyers think I have an excellent case so bring it on!

Also nutter ex has promised to post my phone back to me tomorrow(we’ll see).

Thanks again for your support