What keeps you sane?

Just wondered what my fellow limbo landers did to keep themselves from going insane?

mine is a love of baking and my new found enthusiasm for decorating said cakes :slight_smile: people have even been saying I should do it for a career so you know what I’ve started practising to make it come true. Something that I can do even when I’m struggling like I am and maybe make a little money out of it too :slight_smile:

This weeks challenge?. Fresh strawberry cupcakes and chocolate and beetroot cupcakes with vanilla frosting :slight_smile:

ill let let you know how they go

Eating cake!!! Especially cherry cakes. & cherries. Also seeing friends & family. Listening to music, always have headphones on. sleeping (that could be the fatigue tho)

Good luck with your cakes puddytat I used to have a small cake decorating buisness…wedding cakes mainly but pretty much any celebration cakes as well. Sadly I had to stop when my condition deteriorated, but now I keep myself busy making celebration cards…much less stressful!!!

Rosina x

Hey guys thanks for that

well the strawberry cupcakes were awesome!! Think I’ve found my new favourite cake :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thats the way I’m going to go making cakes and decorating them. Love it and it’s a lot less stressful than my current job :slight_smile:

other er than that music and up til recently running (although I can’t do that anymore thanks to wobbly legs syndrome!!)

hi puddycat

your cakes sound wonderful! beetroot is quite a sweet vegetable and so are carrots so a beetroot cake must be similar to a carrot cake!

i listen to music and love to drive out into the countryside. i have a favourite cafe which overlooks the reservoir.

happy days

carole x

Music (especially Professor Elemental at the moment. He tickles me!), playing Lego with my daughter, making things, sitting with a cuppa listening to birdsong in the morning. Forums like this - company keeps me sane!:heart:


i try :). Today’s list includes all three of my faves. Carrot cake, choc and beetroot and the strawberry. Plus I’ve just been given some home grown pears so may even make a pear cupcake batch too :slight_smile:

i might have to start posting em out to you all so you can be my testers :slight_smile:

Pear ones sound delicious, yum

I have had lunch at a school that do a pear & chocolate Sponge pudding, lovely. Sorry this is short having problems Posting

Ooh, I love pears! Pear + cake = happy tummy :slight_smile: With chocolate? pines. I have cake-ache.

Reiki and cherry

ill keep you posted on the choc pear ones. I’m going to try them tomorrow night. I can’t post pictures on here but I’ll let you know how they taste!! :wink: (reiki - you might see them posted up on fb)

am thinking that they will be delicious.


Glad I won’t be able to see them, am sure they will be Delicious, seeing them would just rub it In, enjoy!!!

Music - current sound crush Pentatonix. Taekwondo (the Instructors know I’m in ‘limboland’) and my creatures.

TheresaB, have you heard ‘Radioactive’ with Pentatonix featuring Lyndsey Stirling? I love her music! Really must get her album one day.

Okay folks,

I managed to think of an idea to share my pictures of my baking with you all and make your mouths water (i hope!!)

I’ve created a facebook page which should be open to all where ive posted some of my latest stuff and will be putting anything new up on.

if you want to have a little look just click

happy cake dreams


Yes Reikiblossom I have - it is fantastic! I’ve been listening to a whole range of new artists, including Lyndsey Stirling and Imogene Heap - my iTunes collection is ridiculously varied. I like the original and PTX’s cover of Aha - damn - I shall be humming it all afternoon now! :slight_smile: