what is going on

i went to bed ridiculously early - 4.30pm because a guest of my eldest son’s was getting on my last nerve!

woke up at 9.00pm feeling very disorientated.

came downstairs and asked my youngest son what day it was and what time.

he looked at me, smiled and showed me that he knew what was wrong with me.

yes i’ve lost the plot!

it’s out there somewhere wandering round.

if you see it please tell it to come back to me!

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The other day I climbed into bed at about 2pm (super knackered / fatigued) fell asleep straightaway, woke up at 3.55pm. I was so confused, I thought I’d been asleep all night. Then wondered if I’d been asleep all day long as well as all night. It took me a good few minutes to figure out that I’d just been asleep a couple of hours. Then I fell asleep again and woke up at 5pm. I was a bit more compost mentis by then.


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thanks sue

we can be those two strange women!

"… people are strange when you’re a stranger

faces look ugly when you’re alone

women seem wicked when you’re unwanted

streets are uneven when you’re down…"

… when you’re strange …

Which we perhaps are Carole. But then the best people are.


The Doors! All the best people are bonkers babes xxxxxx

jim morrison was a bit of alright!

one person’s strange is another person’s special


Had to go look that up on you tube! Oh I like it!!

As a child in the 80s, I heard the Echo and the Bunnymen version before the original. I still sometimes forget it’s a Doors song

music is the best reference for life.

oh dear that sounds pretentious or philosophical (other words beginning with p).

it’s that silly o’clock time yet again.

slept deeply for 5 hours then bang i’m wide awake but not quite on planet earth.

i’d see a doctor but i’d probably end up in the home for the bewildered.

back to my kindle.

perhaps it’s the weird book i’m reading.

mornin’ Carole

​philosophical at 3am we really ought to review your cheese meds

​maybe a bottle of gin at 2am could help

good luck


i haven’t been taking my cheese recently. should i be doing this with supervision of my gp! (still no question marks) the gin suggestion is perfectly suitable and absolutely possible.

Found your ‘plot’ in my chocolate drawer! It’s a bit crowded in there but I’m eating my way through it. Help yourself should you be worrying or wake suddenly not knowing where or when you are! Reassuringly the forum is always here. M x

Maybe give up reading weird books. Increase your cheese rations, change the time of day you eat your main meal (possibly a sensible suggestion), ensure you have gin and/or chocolate at hand for the middle of the night.

And consider taking drugs the minute you wake up in the middle of the night (another possibly sensible suggestion). I used to put one Baclofen, one Amitriptyline, and one Cloneazepam handily next to the bed so when I woke up for a middle of the night pee, I’d take drugs immediately and then be able to sleep again within about 20 minutes. Usually.

I’ve given this habit up now, although there are still nights when I have to resort to middle of the night drugs.


hellMS - love you for letting me hide in your chocolate stash!

sue - thanks for the suggestion, i think i’d prefer a spliff though! except my hands won’t let me build one.

stay well you lot.

when i return to my senses i’ll be gutted if you’re not around.