What happens with MRI results?

Hey all. So I had my blood tests yesterday, and currently waiting for an emergency MRI on spine and head. My question is what happens regarding the MRIs? I assume I attend, literally just for the scans. A specialist looks at them, and reports back to my doctor. If anything is highlighted, my gp would then refer me to a specialist. Is this correct?

My main concern is at the point then results hit my GP…He’s awful. I had an cervical MRI conducted in March which highlighted effacement of the theca, signifcant arthritic bars causing narrowing etc and when I called for results the secretary scan-read my results and said “it’s wear and tear, no need to come in” and that was it. So worried something might get missed. Thanks

Hi, so in my instance my first MRI of the brain showed lesions, which then resulted in my being referred directly to a neurologist for more tests, from then on in the Neurologist was my main point of contact, with the GP kept updated with a series of confusing letters that I was CC’d on.

I would assume this would be the case with you…

Thanks for your reply. I guess Itsvluxk of the draw it you have a decent gp or not, but encouraging that my gp hopefully will only be kept in the loop rather than involved in any decision making if I need further investigation

The MRI will be looked at by a radiologist. If there are lesions which look to be demyelinating, or if there is any other signs of anything different wrong, your GP would be notified and I’d expect that you’d then be referred to be seen by a neurologist. So it’s not just a matter of the scans get sent to your GP and they just sit there until Dr Useless can make head nor tail of them.

Don’t forget, the GP can’t actually diagnose you with anything neurological. All a GP can do is report on what’s been sent to them and then refer you back to the hospital.

Best of luck.