What happens when your symptoms go away?

I’ll start off by saying that I’m not diagnosed but I’m currently waiting for my first appointment with a neurologist after my gp suspected ms based on past symptoms and current presentation. This set of symptoms started a few months ago and initially all my symptoms were really intense and they really impacted my everyday life but for the past couple of weeks it’s almost like they’re a really dulled down version. They’re still causing me some issues but they’re much more manageable now. I know ms symptoms can be attributed to many different conditions but I was just curious if this sounded familiar to anyone?

Just supposing you do have MS, the remission phase of your symptoms is what would be expected.

The neurologist would still be able to do a physical examination and identify that there is a) a neurological condition, and b) have some idea of what that condition is.

I suggest you write yourself some notes about exactly what happened to you and when. A kind of timeline of your symptoms. Include the rough timing when they started to improve / become duller. That will assist you in describing what happened and when and help him/her in considering what could have caused the problem.


That would be typical of a relapsing and remitting MS, if you are diagnosed with MS. You get a flare of new symptoms which can last days/ weeks/ months and then they slowly get better although sometimes you can be left some residual disability.