what happens now?

i have been referred by the doctor to see a nurologist got my appointment and she said she is going to book scans but what scans will they be and what does the nurologist do when you see um alittle unsettled as alot to take in. can anyone advise me abit

The scans will probably be MRI scans (although it’s more normal for the neuro to order these). MRI scanners are perfectly safe, although very noisy and very boring! They give fabulous images which can show up all sorts of abnormalities.

Neurologists will ask you questions about your medical history and symptoms and then do a “clinical examination” which involves testing your reflexes, sensory perception, balance and other stuff. It’s all painless and all you have to do is be honest and give him/her all the info they need to come up with some ideas about what’s going on. From that, they will decide what tests are needed to check. Some neuros ask about family medical history too, so sometime before you have your consultation, it would be sensible to find out if there are any neurological conditions in your family or any weird undiagnosed symptoms that Great Aunty Whoever (or whoever :-)) had.

I’m glad your GP listened :slight_smile:

Karen x

gp spent over half an hour with testing reflexes looking in eyes and asking a billion questions as well as looking at my history. family history is crap as adopted so not much to go on really. just hope i get some answers as to what is wrong as i have had probs with my legs lower back for years that gets bad for a bit then fades abit then comes back never completly goes but now my arms are doing it getting hard

Sounds like you’ve got a good GP there - worth their weight in gold they are