getting scared/nervous

i am going to see neuro next week and getting abit worked up when i was hospitalised i got sent out in a worse condition being told it was a migraine. i have been unwell with various problems for 3 months now in a straight row with no break (a bloody long headachless migraine lol) my doc is very good and suspected ms from the start as i have had all the problems for years but they were never joined up till i got worse and saw this doc . don’t no what will happen at this appointment and i no it a long road but don’t want to come out of this appointment feeling like i am no further forward ie not taken seriously does anyone have any advise as what might happen and what i should do when i go

many thanks xxx

I’m not on my laptop so can’t post my normal list for first neuro appointments, but in a nutshell, try and be prepared. The neuro will want to know your symptoms and how they’ve developed (stick to the main ones unless there is time for more) and relevant history (anything weird ever happened before?). He/she might ask about family history too (anyone in your family with a neuro condition?). He/she will do a clinical exam (ie test your reflexes, balance, walking, etc) and come up with some ideas about what’s going on. That says what tests are needed (eg MRI). And that’s it. It’s nothing to worry about. The neuro’s job is to work out what’s going on. Your job is to provide the information: honestly and preferably without waffling (time is short!). Take brief lists of symptoms, questions and things you want to ask for help with. It’ll be fine :slight_smile: Karen x

So make list of symptoms and how long I had them is best then is best


I had my first neuro appt at the start of October, I took along a list of symptoms, they asked when they started, how long they lasted. As i had problems with my eyes I had field vision tests done, then they went over symptoms and family history, checked behind my eyes, checked my reflexes etc. I got blood taken and a further appoitment booked for an mri.

I was pleasantly suprised, I felt for the first time my concerns were taken seriously. Now I just have to wait and see what the MRI shows if anything!

Hope it goes well for you