Getting nervous

In less than 48 hours I will have my answer. I know some people have to wait years to get a diagnosis whist others less. I have posted on here once before about the great support I see on here and my journey at that point. Last week I received a call to tell me that my initial appointment was being cancelled, that they couldn’t give me any idea how long I would have to wait for a new appointment but I was down as urgent and that I could try calling my consultant secretary. As you can imagen I was very upset but after talking to my consultants very nice secretary for a quite a while, explaining what I had already had done and the issues I was currently experiencing, she confirmed that I was down as an urgent appointment. That I needed to see my consultant, who is the MS expert, and that she would email him to see if he could help. Half an hour later I get a call back saying he will see me this Tues and that my initial appointment will be longer than my others. I still don’t have an official diagnose but everywhere I turn it points to MS. What I would like to know is what to expect at my first appointment. I know he will talk though all the tests and MRI’s I’ve had done but what else? I would appreciate just hearing about other people’s experiences, if they don’t mind sharing. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


The first one that I had he went through my whole life from when I was a little girl, right through to now. He/she will do some physical tests pushing back, pushing up walk from heel to toe, nose to finger they may watch you get up and walk to their room. Test your reactions on your knee, they will then ask you if you have any questions and that’s when you explain the problems that you have, they also ask you if you taken any medication, as some tablets have side effects. They will then explain the results from any tests that you have taken. That’s it in a nut shell. That’s what’s happening to me on Wednesday, I get my results. Good luck


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Thank you Kay. It’s starting to feel more real now as I count down to my appointment. I’ve had so much done over the last few months (test, MRI’s, contrast MRI, LP, plus a stay in hospital) but need to know so I can get back to doing what I enjoy. I’m struggling with my symptoms and need a medication increase from all accounts but I’m induring it as I want to see what happens tomorrow first. I’m tired of not feeling right in my own body, the symptoms have ment I haven’t been able to work or do normal things. I hope all goes well for you on Wednesday and you get your answers to.