What happens at the end your PIP award

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I was awarded pip in April 2020 for three years aware how much of a nightmare it was to receive the award (confirmed in nov 2020) what am I to expect to ensure the award continues-
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No idea as PIP is relatively new but I’ve not heard of anyone with MS having it taken away. MS is an incurable disease which at best stays as bad as it is now, or gets worse. The only possible exception would be someone in early stage RRMS who has stopped getting relapses through successful administration of DMT’s. Someone in early stages probably wouldn’t have qualified for PIP anyway.

I did a quick google and found the following, turn2us is quite an informative source. You might find it useful.

You’ll probably have to attend some sort of follow up interview plus your doctor(s) may be asked about your disease progression. I would not be overly concerned as it would be unusual for your PIP to be overturned unless you were miraculously healed. It’ll probably be a pain to go through but (without knowing your exact circumstances) I would not let it be a worry for you. The fact it was a battle for you to get PIP is not unusual at all and worrying about whether you “only just scraped it” is not a concern for your future PIP continuation. If nothing changed for the better (demonstrably), they can’t revoke it.

Thanks this is really helpful -I have downloaded the link and have book marked this conversation
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