what else could it be

Hi, since 2005 ive been in and out of GP surgery with wide ranging symptons which were put down to stress. Ive had light heads, pins and needles, poor concentration, hearing loss, lost sight in one eye for a brief time etc. These symptoms would come and go maybe 18 mths apart

Anyway on to 2011 things were so bad that i went privately to a neurologist who did an mri scan which was normal and again put down to stress.

Things were Ok until about 4 weeks ago. I got a few light heads and started to feel confused and disorientated and noticed my hearing was down. Turns out my hearing is perfect its my concentration thats bad. I said to my sister" i feel like im taking a relapse of those symptoms again". Sure enough i developed pins and needles, in toes first, them legs hand and arms. Feels like someone is just walking around sticking a needle in random places on my body. Then 2 weeks ago my mobility took a nosedive, i was like an old woman and it really got me down. Got full bloods done and all normal. My grip has deteriorated and i have constant tinnitus.

I feel like my Mobility is improving today but still have all other symptomns. Can anyone tell me what else it could be as its def not stress

Hi Maz, Sorry to hear you are having these problems but I wouldn’t like to guess what could be causing them. It could be many things so I would suggest you visit your GP and ask for a referral to see a neurologist as things do change over time. Wish you good luck.