What drugs do you take, when your legs seize up and won't work?

Hi. This weekend all my muscles from my hips, down to bottom of my knees, went absolutely rock hard and i couldn’t walk or do anything. I just laid in bed in agony. My Dad came and gave me some amiltryptaline, which did help with the stiffness and pain. I am waiting for the doctors to call me back at the minute, I’m looking for recommendations for drugs i could ask for to help if this happens again. The amiltryptaline did work, but it made me unable to function. Is there anything else that would help me and not knock me out?

I am at present undiagnosed, waiting to see neurologist for first appointment.

Thabk you

Hi, that happens to me too and my neurologist told me to relax and the stiffness will pass, being uptight and stressed about it doesn’t help. He also told me that there are drugs that might help but they have their pitfalls too as they could have the opposite effect to the desired one i.e. they could relax you too much so I decided I’d be better just to put up with the occasional stiffness and just try not to stress about it. I hope someone else will give you advice that will help you.


Thanks. There is no way i could put up with the level of pain it caused. It was horrendous. Im a massage thetapist and i tried all my tricks to relax the muscles, but nothing worked even a little bit until i took that amiltryptaline.