What does the HUG feel like??

Afternoon all


A quick question about the MS Hug; what does it feel like exactly?

I'm having a really bad time right now all over my body and i'm struggling to take a full breath, i have pain in my left side almost like my lung isn't working properly, a tight stabbing pain when breathing in.

Also i feel as though my bite is all wrong, like my jaw has moved as my teeth aren't lining up properly - has anyone had that before?

It's most probably nothing to do with MS but i thought that i would get some expert advice just incase it was.


Thanks in advance for any replies

Paula xx

Hi Paula

Yes-hug can feel as u describe BUT it can also be something 'normal' like a chest infection. Speaking from experience! It was an infection that I had! I didnt have raised temp but infection it was-antibiotics soon cleared it.

The hug can also feel like a belt being tightened, not necessarily all the way around. I have had right/left/front/back all at seperate times. I can 'feel' the spasms/twitching when its particularly bad.

But a call or visit to Dr I suggest-get better quick for the 3rd!

Hugs E xxx

Hello Paula,

                     I don't know if my MS hug is typical, but when I get this symptom it feels as if my front & back rib cages are attached by glue or chewing gum. I must admit, your own symptoms sound more like a chest infection. This would be good, as at least something can be done about that!

                             Best of luck,