Does the MS hug hurt all round the chest and all the time? Or can it hurt just when you caugh or take a deep breath?

Hey Anon,
I’ve got the MS Hug at the moment and it doesn’t hurt it’s more of a discomfort and tightness. I feel it all of the time not just if I cough or take a deep breath. If I put my hands on my stomache I get a weird sensation. I’ve also got tingling and numbness which is spreading all over my body.
I hope you get rid of yours soon

I think I had it last year and I couldn’t take a deep breath and was very breathless when walking. I also sometimes feel like someone is jabbing me under the ribs (very painful) but not sure if that’s the hug too…

I’ve had the hug on at least two occasions and possible some form of spasm at the moment too. The first one felt like I couldn’t take a deep breath and there was a uncomfy tight sqaushing sensation - mine only ran from the middle of my back and round my left though.

The second time I had it, was actually lower down around my waist again on the L - I couldn’t turn and was rather robotic as it was so painful. I also had neuropathic burning pain there and everytime my partner touched me I almost yelped. Anything touching or against the area didn’t feel great.

I now have an area on my right where my bra strap is, which is intermittently spasming. I’m aware at times when I suddenly move it’s uncomfy when it happens. But rest of the time I’m fine.




The jabbing in the ribs could be neuropathic pain, or it could be a small knot/spasm. I had a small one just below my bellybutton on my L that intermittently kept stabbing and hurting. It was only when I saw the osteopath and he picked up it was tight there without me even saying anything.

I’m having a jabbing pain at the moment. It’s been happening a few days and has me clutching at my side and just above my left boob like I’m having a great attack! I’ve panicked a few family members with the clutching but I can’t help it … It hurts! I’m not diagnosed, I’m going through the process I guess you could say. I actually though I may have some kind of mild chest infection what with the stabbing pains but I’m learning that these things are quite common :-/

I had this all day yesterday. It was like a cramp between my left breast and my rib cage. It came and went but when it was there, I found it painful to take a deep breath.

I’ve had other types in the past though where I feel like I’ve a band around my ribs and I can’t breathe.