What do I do now?

Hi everyone. Im new on here and would really appreciate some advice…

About two years ago I went to my Dr, who did various blood tests, all of which came back clear. He then did some others and asked me to keep a symtom diary. The 2nd lot of blood tests came back clear, so over the period of about a year I kept in contact with the Dr, and kept my diary. Also sugggested optician to check for eye issues - again nothing. He had suggested possible MS, although said he couldnt make the diagnosis, but as other things had been ruled out, it wa a posibibility and would need monitoring. This Doctor then left the surgery and Ive no idea where he went. Earlier this year I returned to the practice, saw a different Dr, who ordered another lot of blood tests, again clear. He basically shrugged and told me to come back when the symptoms where bad so he could see for himself. I then couldnt get an appt to see him (scary receptionists!) saw another Dr who told me maybe I was menopausal, although he admitted nothing indicates that. (im 41) . By this point I lost faith and changed to a different GP. When I went for my “new patient” appt I explained the situation, showed them the diary etc and was told to continue with it and make an appt when a “relapse” occours.

I hope this is making sense so far

The last two weeks I have had real issues with fatigue, skin “oddness” (not sure how to discribe it) cramps and eyepain. my short term memory isnt great at the moment, so my partner and I wrote down the things I wanted to mention to him. When I got there, he didnt bother looking at my notes, and had no interest in what we’d written down. I admit, I was a little tearful, not incoherant or ranting, but so tired and muddled, and I said that when I walked in. He said based on my emotional state Im obviously suffering from depression (even though this has already been ruled out by the MIND team after my “new patient” appt) and has put me on antidepressents. the tiredness is due to iron deficiency apparently, even though the results were pretty normal. He actually said there was no need for him to go back through my records as depression is the answer. I said I didnt feel depressed at all and told me that with depression you dont necessarily realise you are depressed, as you dont always feel it. I dont even know what that means!

Now I dont know what to do. Im not sure I can face another GP, so do I take the anti depressents and hope hes right? Will they mask or make the symptoms better? Or if it is MS, will it still show even with the anti-depressants? I obviously hope it isnt, but I feel like Im banging my head against a wall trying to get someone to listen to me, and now i feel fobbed off with a “mental health” label to boot.

Hello Shiregirl, So sorry to hear of your plight. Maybe if you go back to your gp and ask for them to refer you to a Neurologist. I think you have been treated badly, same old story take a pill and everything will disappear. Don’t let them rough ride you or demean you. It’s your body and you know something is wrong so follow it up. Just one thing, never give your list of symptoms to a doctor they never look at it and just put it to one side as you have found out. All best wishes Janet x