Hope you don't get bored of this long post!

I am not yet diagnosed with MS. It has taken many years and countless GP’s to finally get someone to listen and refer me to a Neurologist. I am now awaiting the results of a brain MRI done on 7th July.

My unexplained symptoms and strange sensations had always been attributed to depression. I have lost count of the numerous anti-depressants I have been prescribed, none of which seem to alleviate any symptoms.

I moved house back in 2005 and was having a particular bad bout of symptoms. The main one was severe fatigue (to the point where I was finding it hard to speak), leg pain and stiffness, eye problems and brain fog. I had changed GP due to the house move and he was wonderful. He really took the time to listen to me and referred me to a Rheumatologist for further investigation. It was at this time, I had Uveitis in my left eye which caused severe pain when moving the eyeball and redness. I was referred to the Eye Infirmary and given steroid eye drops with no further investigation.

At that time I was told I may have Lupus (due to a positive ANA test), but as a subsequent ANA came back negative, I was told it wasn’t. All further bloods were clear and after a couple of follow-up appointments, I was discharged.

A few years later and I moved back to my local area. The wonderful GP I had found was not prepared to keep me on his books as I was out of the area. So I had to re-register with my previous GP surgery. Again, I was having unexplained symptoms and told the GP what had been happening. It seemed that I was having defined periods of feeling “unwell” and then I would have a few months of feeling “well” again. I explained to her that Rheumatology had, at one point, thought it could be Lupus, her reply was that even if it was Lupus, the only treatment was heavily toxic drugs and would I really be wanting to take those for the rest of my life?

I left feeling distressed and like a hypochondriac. I do not enjoy going to the doctors and nor am I making any of these symptoms up. In fact, I find it really hard, trying to explain what is happening to me as I do not understand it myself. I have not told any of my friends, the only people who know what it is truly like are myself and my poor partner who bears the brunt on some of my really bad days! (and no doubt, you guys!)

After several subsequent visits, I have now managed to find a lovely new GP there. I asked if the symptoms could be attributed to ME/CFS, she said they could. I was again given anti-depressants.

I went back to see her as the anti-depressants did not seem to be helping and the dose was doubled. Again, I felt no benefit.

I had my routine eye test at the Optician in May this year, my pressure has always been on the high side of normal, but the pressure had come down significantly and the shortsightedness in my left eye had got considerably better and my prescription was changed, although I was told my pupils were slow to react to light.

I have since been back to the GP who finally agreed to refer me to a Neurologist. I saw him on 11th June. During his examination he said that my knees were dry (painful and clicking on movement) - a symptom that has since disappeared! and I had no feeling in the bottom of my feet. He said my symptoms could be due to CFS, the side effects of the anti-depressant medication or MS.

He referred me for a brain MRI on 7th July and I am still awaiting the results. The most overwhelming symptom I have is the fatigue. On some days, I could easily sleep through the whole day. I find it difficult to speak, get up to go for a drink or make any food. I know that there is something “wrong”, I just don’t know what. My legs are so heavy and stiff. My muscles seem tense most of the time and I find everyday tasks hard to cope with because of the way I feel.

Anyway, I am so sorry for waffling on, I just needed to get it all off my chest, I hope you are still awake! I just really wanted to know if these symptoms could be attributed to MS and whether any of you have felt any benefit from taking anti-depressants, which up until now, seems to be the only (really can’t think of the right word!) answer I have been given.

Thank you for listening!

Brecca x

Hi Brecca,

I understand how you feel I have had all the same symptoms as you. Had a MRI Scan 2 weeks ago, and going to see my GP in the morning…My legs and arms are so stiff, walking up the stairs takes me ages.I am 46 in 2weeks and I feel 100.

Fatigue, and weakness is driving me mad, I hardly do anything have not worked since last Nov and not sure about driving either. I also dont go out on my own…Do you feel dizzy when you lay down and close your eyes? Also spinning and the room moving?

We have to try and stay strong, but its so difficult.


hi hope you feel better soon. i feel i am very lucky as i have had strange symptoms for many years that i took pain killers for even had physio and things but didn’t tell my gp the full story till the other day who then ran through some tests asked me lots of questions which this time i answered honestly without brushing things off and imeditaly got an appointment with a neurologist. good gp are hard to come by but keep ya chin up and keep fighting it’s the only way.

rachael xxxx

Hi Jan / Rachael

Thank you for the kind comments. It’s kind of nice to share it with someone who is going through the same thing.

Yes I do have the dizziness Jan, a strange feeling like the room around me is moving. I especially get it at night when I’m trying to get to sleep lol!

Hopefully not too much longer to wait now. I would just like some answers I suppose.

Take care,

Brecca x

Hi Brecca, Blimey, I couldn’t read fast enough in order to reply. I have had the same battle with antidepressants and my GP. It is now a bit of a running joke between us. I was put on them for many years (approx 15). They made me feel worse or should I say the fatigue. It is constantly bad but when I was on the tablets, I got so bad I had to reduce my working hours and couldn’t get any financial help with the loss of earnings. I took matters into my own hands and had years of psychoanalysis thinking my fatigue was in my head. The therapy was brilliant but my fatigue never left, what it did do was help with the generalised anxiety that had started due to no one listening and not giving me any credit for knowing the exact point in my life when my health went on holiday. So now, I refuse them and for me I feel much better. I believe they didn’t work because my fatigue isn’t down to depression. 6 years ago my health got a lot worse with the last 3 being the most intense. I have my first Neuro appointment on 15th October. I have got such a long history I have to make sure I am succinct and don’t send him to sleep!! I hope you get your results soon and they can give you much needed answers. Sam

Wow, you seem to be going through the mill, It also makes me feel quite lucky to have a good GP and an even better nurologist.

I dont have the same symptoms but then I am not Diagnosed and it does vary greatly per person, what is interesting is the fatigue part. Today it reall the first day I have felt so drained I have been unable to walk or get arouns anywhere so I sympathise with you.

I am glad you noe have a nuro appointment, I am on 2 type os antidepresence, one is for mild depression citalopram, the other was prescribed to help stop my legs twitching which hasnt worked Antitriptolyn, I told my nuro the Docs gave me that and she told me the anti should help me takes a week to kick in, It been over a week I feel these pills are doing nothing.

I wish you well and as much luck as I can for you to finally get the ansers you rlooking for.

Much love and peace.