what could it be?

Hi All,

I have been experiencing pins and needles, weakness and tightness in my left arm, hand and right foot on and off since April. In the past month the buzzing in my arm has been there almost permanently. I have seen a doctor who ordered bloods - these came back normal. I have an appointment to see a neurologist in November but in the mean time i am left wondering what could be the cause.

Since the pins and needles started, i have experienced other symptoms but i’m sure these can all be explained away as just general day to day things that people get. For instance the pain on eye movement which cleared up after a few days my mum gets from time to time and so is normal; the extreme tiredness is probably because i work long hours; the electric shocks that started in my head and ran down my body have only happened while i was running a half marathon and so must have been something to do with that, although it was really frightening at the time. My memory is really poor and often i can’t think clearly but everyone gets that don’t they? I feel dizzy often too. i think i experienced pins and needles around my mouth and tongue twice recently but then again i think this could be me imagining it now as i am paying too much attention to the pins and needles in my arm and leg.

What i am hoping for is your thoughts on what this can be. If my bloods are fine, what do you think could be causing the pins and needles in my left arm and right foot? Is it all in my head and i am going crazy?!



hi lucy

you’re appointment with your neuro will allow you to tel him all about your symptoms.

make a note of each symptom, when it occurred, how long it lasted, if it never went away etc.

it does sound like something neurological but ms is only one possibility.

try not to get stressed.

carole x