What are the treatments for MS like these days

I’ve had two flare ups of Optic Neuritis in last 4.5 years and it’s likely I have RRMS. Internet is not great for giving up to date info but what are the treatments like these days for managing RRMS? Would they still allow me to work (do desk job)?

The main part of this MS Society site is a good place to start.

And the news is good - treatments are getting better all the time. I have had MS 25 years now, and even folks as old as me have benefited greatly from these advances. People being diagnosed now have a much better chance of staying well for even longer.

Hi there. Also diagnosed after Optic Neuritis. That was 18 years ago and I was put on Avonex which might have been pretty much the only DMT in those days. Carried on working for 4-5 years and only left work when my employer produced a generous severance- early retirement policy. It was desk, meetings based with a fair bit of travel and worked 9-10 hour days. Avonex leaves me a bit jaded for 1-2 days so I used to inject on Friday evenings but other wise carried on working as normal