Hi, ive just recently been diagnosed with RRMS and looking in to what treatment i should take and was wondering if people could share there experience with me. What im looking for is what treament they are taking? What side effects have they or are having from the medication? And what success its having? I understand if you dont want to share all

Hi Dan,
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but hopefully it will mean the start of you being able to take some control and feel much better. I have RRMS and take tecfidera. It took me a while to get used to but after about 3 months it was a normal part of my routine and I haven’t had any unmanageable side effects since then. Sometimes I’ll get the flushing which last about half hour but it’s no every day so worth it for the drug in my opinion. Overall I’d recommend it.
Good luck with your next steps. Do you know which drugs you have the option to choose from?
Charlotte xx

Oh and been taking it for about 18
Months now with no known relapse x

Hi Dan85, at first I took Low Dose Naltroxene (LDN). Some people swear by it and claim it can stop MS. Personally, I am not so sure…MS is so complex and there is no cure known to medical science…if LDN worked there’d be no need for any of this discussion! At first when I was diagnosed (10+ years ago) I went down the path of Googling lots of possible cures but LDN was the best I came up with. However, I took it but then still had relapses. So I gave up.
But I did find something helpful and much cheaper/more natural(!?). Vitamin D supplements (or, if you lucky to live somewhere with enough sunlight, the supplements aren’t even necessary). Since I started taking these supplements (and trying where possible to get sunlight) in maybe 2014, my relapses have got far less noticeable. But MRI scans show the disease developing still so its not a cure. And maybe I am very lucky and have a mild form of MS.
What I’m trying to say is that maybe you might want to consider this but have realistic expectations; I’d hate to increase someone’s expectations unrealistically. I wish you the best of luck; it such a big thing to get your head around, having MS…it took me several years to reach a point where I could grasp it.