Relapse after relapse

Hi everyone So pretty new on here thought I would let it all out to people who know what it feels like. I was diagnosed 2011. Told I had ppms fought about 5 years to tell them I didn’t think so. Changed neurologist until I went to Leeds hospital which believed I had rrms. Sent me for more scans and test was very happy to not have to fight it any more.started having relapse roughly year and half ago and I have had continuously had them ever since. They started me on tecfidera just under a year ago but now what me to go onto with gilenya or the newest drug which I can’t remember for the life of me. I hope one of these work at getting my ms under control as I don’t know what else they will suggest. Sorry for going on just wanted to unload somewhere. I’m sure hubby sick of hearing me. Sherrie x

hi shezzel007

i’ve been on tecfidera for a few years now with no relapses.

if, for any reason, i have to come off it, i’d be upset with switching to gilenya.

i’m under the impression that the three new oral drugs were equally effective.

my ms nurse told me that if tec didn’t work for me that i could try campath (lemtrada).

have you been given that option?

carole x