Hi, everyone :slight_smile: I’m Claire and I’m new here. My mum has justcbeen diagnosed with Relapsing MS and is trying a drug called Tecfidera. She’s in hwr 3rd week now. Is thete anyone else who has tried this treatment? How has it worked for you? Did you have any major side effects? We don’t know a lot about MS or the drug. My mum and I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

Hi Claire,

If you contact the MS Society the can give you all the information you want on the drugs / treatments for MS.

Regards, Andy

Thank you, Andy

Hi Claire . I am in the same position as your mum and am away to start the tecfidera so will watch for your replies. Have read lots about side effects but lots of people also haven’t experienced any or only mild. Keep us updated. Ps this is my first post so not sure if I’m doing it right!!

Tecfidera would appear to be THE best, first line medication currently out there. Your mum is enjoying the best possible start!