Tecfidera tablet


i am so new to this so not sure how to write this out?

anyway, I was diagnosed last September, i am a 24 year old female and as I said before I am very new to it all. I have relapse and remitting MS and I am currently suffering from a relapse at the moment but as I only had steroids a little while ago they don’t really want me to have them again so soon!

My first question is does anybody have any advice on coping and managing relapses as I am really struggling, I find myself upset most days as I find it so hard to walk!

my second question is that I have just started Tecfidera and wondered if anyone else is on this and has any thoughts or opinions on it?

thank you x

Hi Sammy.

I was only diagnosed end of May so it’s all new to me too.

I’m waiting to go on Tecfidera (hopefully) so can’t answer that. However if you type that into the small “search” box, just above the “New thread”, you’ll find all the recent posts about Tec. Lots of info.

You might find something useful in coping with a relapse on this site.

Some days are better than others. Just try to remember that. :slight_smile:

Hi Sammy

I have been on Tecfidera for one year now and am doing brillliantly on it. I have had no relapses since taking it. If you are on facebook come and join the Tecfidera UK and Ireland group, they are all really helpful and you can get some really good information.

As for managing relapses, the only piece of advice I can personally give is keep smiling and give it time. Being caught up during and after a relapse can be frustrating but remember how strong you are as a person and give your recovery time. Don’t rush things, take some chill time and don’t get too stressed.

All the best