What an end to the week (in a good way)

From dealing with let down customers and battling an infection on Monday, to feeling almost 100% and producing some stunning images yesterday and today :slight_smile: Oh, and me and my dog were adopted by another dog on our way home today. Poor thing was trying to play while mine growled and ran away. An hour of running around, and I got him back to his drunken, fresh from prison owner. Also had one of my nature images put onto canvas and it looks great. Happy end to things though :slight_smile:

You’ve not set up a profile yet so I don’t know about you pictures… photos??

My step-daughter is at Uni doing photography, I love it that she uses my old manual camera my folks got me 2nd hand when I was at college! :wink:

Glad you had a good end to the week, hope the weekend is just as good

Sonia x

I’ve woke up feeling full of infection again. I did a lot of running about yesterday though. Today will be easier.

Ah yes, I need to sort that out. I’ll do it today zx