what am i to do now?

Six .months ago went into hospital walking a couple of steps 3weeks later I came

Out Unable to weight bear now at. Home not being able to do a thing!!!That’s it I have nothing to look forward to I can’t get in a car

What is there for me!!!

Hi anon.

Sorry to read how low you are feeling.

I would like to help, if I can, by telling you how I cope.

I have been a full time wheelchair user for several years. I am unable to move my legs or feet without manually doing it.

I began being hoisted about 2 years ago, for getting in and out of bed and in/out of my recliner chair, as standing was getting difficult and falling was occurring more and more.

Just this week, I have given up using a patient turner to stand and transfer to the commode. I have done my best to try to keep some standing strength. My knees just wont hold me up safely or long enough to make the transfer.

So are you on your own at home, or do you have someone who could help at all?

You mention not being able to get into a car…are you still wanting to drive? That is an option if you drive from a wheelchair. This is something I would like to do, if I didnt have my hubby to chauffuer me around. We use a minibus with a wheelchair lift at the back.

have you had an assessment from an OT? It could be a good idea to ask for that.

It sounds like you may be depressed. Why not have a chat with your GP about that hun?

You and I may be broken, but we are still here and we have to find ways to make our lives better, eh?

luv Pollx

I feel for you. Did the hospital give you any plan regarding rehab?. When I was very bad and couldn’t walk I had a month in hospital, 3 weeks of which was in a rehab unit mainly for stroke victims and MS sufferers. They sent be out hardly able to walk but 1 step at a time I used a rollater to get back on my feet. Do you have a MS nurse who can help?. To send you home in a worse state than you arrived doesn’t seem fair. All the best, Peter.

As you can see by Poll’s reply - we all have different levels of disability. Without my ‘gadgets’ l would be stuck. Stairlift to get upstairs. Rollator upstairs to get me about in the bedrooms/bathrooms. Another rollator downstairs that takes me about the house and garden. lt has a seat - so l can sit down on it. For going out with my dogs l have a Tramper scooter - and a smaller scooter that folds up to go in the car. Walk in shower and rails around the loo’s to help get up and down. l have grab rails fitted in the shower and by the bed to help me stand up.

Get in touch with the Occupational Therapist - they can help - and perhaps you could get some physio. Make sure you are not VitB12 deficient and Vitd3/magnesium/omega 3. l take lots of these to try to keep myself as well as possible. l take Amitriptyline to help with leg pain and depression and LDN - which helps me keep upbeat. Do look at what meds you are on - as they can work against each other and our GP’s do not always keep an eye on what we are taking. Perhaps, ask the GP for a ‘review’ of your meds. ln the past, l have been prescribed meds that did not suit me at all - oxybutinin/Baclofen/tizanidine - all left me feeling so weak and feeble. l could not stand up - legs would not hold me up.

Hope you get some more replies that give you some encouragement.