Been in bed to long

Hospital then to someone else’s house,not moved for 9 months now, I’ve needed rehabilitation for 9 months, not getting any, I don’t know how to push for physio & help, before I end up in a home, my mind & body’s in trouble, any suggestions? I was traveling all over country last year, now I need physio & serious help, I’ve tryed all usual routes, I’m on ‘lists’, very long ones, I need to move house, urgently or I fear I will have no body left, care agency call me ‘Bedbound’, if I got out of bed, of course I would fall over, I’ve got serious muscle wastage, no one will help, all started with, falling over, going to hospital & not being allowed out of bed, from hospital August to now.

you need an advocate.

call social services and ask for a visit.

phone the ms society 0800 8000 800 and ask if there is anyone who could act as your advocate.

it is ridiculous that you have no physio, chase it up.

get your gp on side and ask if s/he will write a letter for you.

your MP is another person you could contact.

good luck

fight your corner!


omg i am so sorry. This is just awful.

no wonder you cant get out of bed. have your adult social services actually seen you? you then come and do an assessment and offer you some care package. You could then go for care workers who can get you moving. Even the O.T. can help with physios. I would do what Carole58 has said. I mean who is looking after you now? You say you have a care agency, use one that can help you move about. You need physio. do you not have family? or even a friend you can talk too you worked you said is there no one who can help you?

Normally they are quick to get people moving about. You can pay for physio. You just need to get moving. if you get up which i assume you must with care worker then use those legs with them. slowly but steady. I feel awful for you really if i lived close i would be over like a heart beat.

but yes ring MS society and get some help hun and tell adult social services and get kicking some butt, and your GP should be much more active as well.

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I am wondering if TENs style electrostimulation might be able to contribute some muscle recovery alongside physio?

While you are waiting for the physio help you need, it might be worth taking a look at some of these exercises and see if you can manage any of them. The pelvic tilt will strengthen your core muscles and help to keep you upright.

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my husband has struggled with sciatica since he damaged his back 30 years ago and was left with a missing disc between vertebrae 3 and 4.

he gets by with gritting his teeth and going to work every day.

i tried to explain 2 yoga exercises that would help - Cobra and Cat stretch but he won’t go to a class where the instructor would make sure he was doing it correctly.

nor will he consider physio.

pilates and yoga are really helpful.

pilates focuses on strengthening the core.

Hi & thanks to all for comments, the past 18months have been totally out of my control, I am now in hospital (immobile), unwilling to accept how bad life has gone, I’m constantly being asked by family, consultants, Dr’s ‘what’s the plan?’ I did not plan last 2yrs, that spiraled out of control,I haven’t Evan got a wheelchair, is that not our Right? Drop foot, muscle loss, who’s best to get help off?