Hiya everyone!

I hope everything’s as good as it can be x

I was wondering if anyone knows the type of theropist you can get for MS

I just need to let off steam and I am unsure were to turn

thank you


what sort of help are you looking for?

Sorry to hear you need to let off steam, you could let it out on here and go Anon, or ring the MS helpline, they are very, very good and understand what you say and don’t judge you. They will listen for as long sas you want to talk.

Sending you (((((HUGS)))))

I hope you let it all out and feel better for it.



you could be able to get physiotherapist, occupational therapist and maybe some others that i havent had.

my ms nurse referred me to them.

physio is a block of about 8 sessions.

OT comes to your house and helps identify possible dangerous bits (eg stairs and shower). he/she will then arrange for someone from your local authority to come and fit things such as grab rails in the shower.

maybe ask your ms nurse

carole x


If you’re wantring to let off steam, then i assume you want a counsellor type of therapist, who can help you process your emotions. If you speak to your GP, they’ll be able to refer you to one. Or you could just go to a private one, which would be quicker but obviously more expensive.

If you do see a counsellor/therapist, remember that they’re all different - if you don’t find them helpful or don’t get on with them for whatever reason, then there’s nothing wrong with stopping seeing them and trying someone else instead.

I hope you get the support you need


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Thankyou everyone it is all very helpful infomation and now I see there is a phone number I can call on here x