What a weekend!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was very hectic but fun. I had my brother and his family over. It was so brilliant being able to spend lots of time with my gorgeous nephew, he’s one this week. The MS did it’s best to try and spoil my fun, but I didn’t let it totally ruin my fun. I spent most of Saturday in bed; Sunday was alright, a bit more energy so made a huge dinner for everyone. Today, I’ve woke up with a hot wormy head and spine. I’m currently waiting for the pain killers to kick in. If they work in the next half hour then I won’t be too bad. My head is very wormy today :s

i think it’s hard for people to understand how I feel, that’s why I love this forum so much. It’s a huge comfort to know that others have similar issues going on. My legs this week are on the way out, going very stiff, but not turning inwards as yet, so I’m glad about that. Up to now I’ve managed with my walker frame. I’ve got a long wait for my wheelchair so if I get desperate I can hire one from the Red Cross, I always pay extra as they too are a charity and they are SO GOOD at helping you with equipment if you find yourself stuck.

ita chucking it down here today, the family have gone home, so it’s a relaxing day for us today. I hope you’ve all managed to get stuff done one way or another this weekend. I’m currently thinking about the left over cheesecake in the fridge ;). Xx

Hi Beverly,I did write a previous note,but it disappeared as quick as a flash right in front of my eyes!! Can’t see any sign of it ,so will try again! I’m glad you enjoyed your weekend.Your little nephew sounds

ace,so much fun and full of mischief . My little lad has gone back today,he arrived on friday and we have all had a great time.He is 31 but he’s still my little lad!!

My m.s has stuck it’s beak in and tried to ruin it,but I refused to let it happen I had to have a chair in the kitchen so I could get on with the dinner,which I was determined to do cos all the family were here and. It was a joy to have them all, smiling laughing ,chatting I enjoyed it so much!! The girls decorated my cake!! It was great!..I did’nt know that you could make so much mess ,suppose if you put your hands right downn to the bottom of piping bag whilst it’s full of buttercream and then rub it all over thr table,it’s possible!!

My legs are getting very weak and tired,I am trying to keep as bright and cheerful as I can ,but over the last year my mobility has been getting steadily worse.I have been signed off til 15th sept.I am only on gabapentin as I have either ppms of spms.I will see how I get on and hope that things will improve.?

Anyhow I can hear that cheesecake calling your name now, you’d better go and get it , Enjoy,!

Keep smilin and kickin!

Love, Linda

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Aw I’m so glad you had a great time :slight_smile: I totally get the nice feeling of having a houseful of chatter and laughs, it’s brilliant. I was quite sad to see my bro and his family go :s ah well, we will do it again :slight_smile:

i did the dinner , with the help of my perching stool. It was gorgeous, and everyone enjoyed it so I was chuffed about that. We had also pushed the boat out and bought some good meat from a farm up the road…yum!

when you say about your mobility getting worse, mine has too in this relapse : / usually it’s my left leg only that’s affected. This time it’s my right leg as well. They are both a bit stiff, so I think I look a bit bonkers! I could play an extra in a zombie movie or summat! Hubby is annoyed as he can’t do anything about it, he’s a ‘solver’ type, so he was narky yesterday. Honestly, it can be a royal pain in the neck.

im actually glad of the rain as it means I don’t need to go to the allotment. I think I would struggle to get on there. Meanwhile, I’m pottering about the house. I hope the legs ease up for you hunni :slight_smile: it’s an inconvenience is what it is lol :wink:

take care xx