We've been cheated - tv

Im fuming, we are told to go digital because the government have sold analogue and once the weather turns nasty it goes off - hence no bloomin tv.

Im wondering if its a second class system or digital is easier to intercept?

What gets your goat - sorry for the moan but Im damp and frustrated



Sorry to say it is the weather,Sky goes off in heavy rain and snow,high winds etc.

A mobile phone network also do NOT have to garantee you will always get signal.If you loose signal regularly there is NOT a thing you can do about it.

grrrrr. It wasnt the same with analogue. Suppose Ill have to bear with it. I dont think technology does us any favours sometimes, but laptop sure does, it works regardless (unless I press something stupid then son has to sort it).

Take care C,



My tv keeps losing its signal when the weather is bad. And mobile phone reception is bad - l have to stand outside in a certain position on the decking to get a signal. Just down the road in the next village you can’t get a signal. As for broadband - ours is cr*p - only 1/2 meg - l can’t even download tv programmes. How people who work from home manage in this village l do not know. But we should consider ourselves lucky compared to the people in Wales who have been flooded out this last week. l can’t think of anything worse.


Hi Ant kind of terrestrial tv will be poor if it is raining. Calendar is better and you would also get increased broadband speed if fibre optic. Broadband speed is dependant on 1- the age of cables- copper old /fibre new 2- the distance from the exchange 3- the contention ratio I would have suggested a 3G phone and set up a personal hotspot a la blackberry or iPhone, but you need to have unlimited data of will not be cheap, but you say your mobi signal is c***. You an google broadband speed checker if ou google it and run a test. Also ensure you broadband modem is plugged in the master socket an micro filters are used on all sockets and phones/devices are plugged in them. With a speed of 1/2 M then your progs will constantly buffer. In short fibre is better for broadband/tv/phone. Do you have “virgin” in your area? Hope this helps Mike

Hi all Sorry 1st word should be ANY. calendar to be replaced with CABLE. But predictive text makes you laugh, it comes out with cr**. But Charlie you can still get 150 points in scrabble. Mike

Giggling with Mike…

I found the wireless router failed just after a year with Sky and had to pay £28-00 for a new one out of my own pocket,there is a cheat though.Buy another one for cheaper and flash the wireless router it will then work with Sky BB.

Essshhhh my spelling,router is not wouter LOL.

What and why is it happening?

TV is going digital. The existing analogue TV signal will be switched off and replaced with a new, stronger digital TV signal. It will mean that almost everyone will be able to receive digital TV through an aerial (Freeview).

Digital TV also uses less broadcast space which means that after switchover, there will be more room for new services such as wireless broadband, local TV and High Definition Television (HDTV).

To keep your TV service, you will need to convert your TVs to digital before your area’s switchover date.

Download more information about the digital TV switchover.

Benefits of going digital

Digital TV offers new ways to enjoy your TV service:

  • Greater choice of TV channels
  • New features such as on-screen listings, interactivity, audio description and subtitling for people with visual and audio impairments.
  • Optional additional channels and services including premium channels(e.g movies, sports), broadband and telephony.

To find out what services are available where you live, enter your details into the postcode checker or compare services with our digital options table.

Taken from http://www.digitaluk.co.uk

My comment:

The main problem that you might have with analogue is that your aerial isn’t good enough to so the job. I use an internal aerial for the tv in the room with my computer in it and it’s usually ok for the cannels I want to watch. It can’t cope very well with the effects of the weather at the moment, But I can still see all the digital versions of the old analogue channels. Our analogue reception was worse. We have cable for our tv in the living room, and the one in our bedroom.

We are not being ripped off in my opinion. Sometimes progress is good.

I wish I could edit the post I just made. There were links in the text which have come out as the html coding. I hope it still makes sense!

I agree that it might be the aerial that’s the problem. Or even just the direction of it. Digital transmissions are more highly directional than analogue, so it’s more critical to have the aerial pointing exactly the right way.

When the digital channels were still on low power, I used to have similar problems every Autumn, once the bad weather set in. I used to regularly lose certain channels - one of them always being Film 4 (in my opinion, one of the very few worth having).

Since analogue was switched off, and the power of the digital transmissions boosted to max, I don’t seem to be having the same problems, touch wood. I seem to reliably get all the stations I should.

I have been lucky, and haven’t had to change either my aerial, or the position, although I did expect I would have to, until they upped the power.


lf you live in a fairly built up area -the TV/broadband/ phone lines are all underground cables. ln a ‘rural’ area - they are strung overhead - in amongst trees etc. And of course no ‘fibre optics’ - which is the cables you need for good broadband strength. Not everyone around here has mains gas - and many properties do not have mains water - they have to have their own bore-hole. Our house had no mains water when we first moved in - the water came from a well in the neighbours garden [through lead pipes]. We had to have trenches dug to connect us to the mains. This is an expensive high council tax area - with no buses/streetlights/pavements/no gritting lorries/very poor internet connection and mobile phone&tv reception. You pay your money - and get naught for it. But we love the village life and the countryside. [Except the fox got another of my ducks last night - and 12 eggs she was sitting on. Not a feather or a bit of shell to be seen - and we have electric mesh fencing on 24/7 - how cunning is that] l was looking forward to seeing the little ducklings hatch out. So no broadband - but a well fed fox!!!