Wet Weekend...

For lack of anything interesting to say, I’ll tell you a Tommy Cooper joke:

I said to the doctor “Doctor I keep thinking I’m a pair of curtains”, the doctor said “good heavens man pull yourself together”.

Hope you’re all having nice weekend,

Pat x

Ah! The old ones are the best, similarly afflicted… Nothing interesting to say, I may have to go row my boat! No this is not a euphemism for something else, hey that tired me out. Take care

Hi Pat, the weather has improved in my neck of Yorkshire. Both yesterday and today, I`ve got loads of washing done and dried, ready for our mini hol on Tuesday (5 nights).

There`s a gang of us going to delamere Forest in Cheshire.

Sis Chris and paul have gone today, for 7 nights, we go for 5 and daughter Lins and girls going for 3.in a tent!

Looking forward to the get together.

luv Pollx