wellbeing centre

Well i got there…and I got in!!!

Yeh, my problem with not being able to get into a building which described itself as wheelchair accessible 2 weeks ago, has been successful!

They bought a short aluminium ramp for under £50 and it was fab. Its small enough for them to put away when not needed and now they actually ARE wheelchair accessible....thanks to Boudicas determination!

Now the hair salon posed another problem. The basins have fixed seats in front of them. But after almost a total .re-jig of the room, I did get up as close as poss.

I had to get my wheelie in as close as I could and had to sit skewiff, 3 times to rinse off products.

So I had a cut, a rich red with black slices colours put in. Whilst that was taking I had a warm hand massage, then after the colours were rinsed off, a gorgeous deep conditioning indian head massage, a neck and shoulder de stress massage and a cup of latte and a biccy!

Then my new hair was styed, zzhuzzed and yeh…it looked fab!

My soon to be married carer was with me and she got a FREE wedding hair practice!

A lovely afternoon.