Well, thith ith embarathing!

Woke up yesterday morning and felt fine (well, for a "given value of “fine” as the later Sir Terry Pratchett would have said).

Having breakfast I couldn’t understand why my husband was laughing and kept asking me to repeat myself. He then said, “Is there something wrong with your mouth or tongue? Why are you lisping like that?”

I didn’t believe him as he is a real wind up merchant and I couldn’t hear or feel anything different in how I was speaking but he was insistent so I recorded myself on my phone. I have developed what he describes as a real “Violet Elizabeth Bott” lisp and I am slurring my S’s and F’s.

The first symptom of my major relapse that resulted in diagnosis was slurred speech (GP thought that I had had a stroke) so this latest thing is really worrying. I have noticed a spread of the general permanent numbness/lack of sensation in my feet and calves up to my thighs in the last few days and I have a slight tingle to my face around the jaw and cheeks. So a call to the MS nurse for me I think.

Should I be thinking of changing my name to Igorina do you think?

Lisping my words and optic neuritis, many years ago was my first MS episode and I suppose with treatment etc I haven’t had anything like this for ages…

Boblatina please get this checked out, sometimes we put all our problems down to our MS but sometimes it isn’t.

Jan x