anyone else?


as some of u know i started a huge relapse on 25th june,

right side of body affected-like a line drawn down middle. this includes half my mouth. nothing tastes right and am fed up of soft diet! however, am really interested to talk with those who have experienced language problems. for a week i could read and understand it all but to rely (via text) i didnt know the order to spell the words-i was adamant there was another letter in ‘in’!

i have also been left speaking like a foreigner,russian or german-certainly not my own sound!

has anyone experienced similar?

thanks,ellie x

I haven’t experienced this personally but I’ve heard of foreign accent syndrome associated with MS relapse before hope the relapse settles down soon


Hi Ellie,

Sorry not been on for a while, been giving this a miss lately.

So sorry to hear about your relapse and sorry you have not been well with it.

Bloody MS so unpredictable.

Anyway hope you make a speedy recovery soon.

Darren x

I had a relapse 19 year ago, just like what you describe, i too could draw a line from the top of my head, to my toes right down the middle,it was my left side that was completely numb for 8 weeks, i couldnt speak, at all at times,when i did speak i sounded like a dalek,and i also started with swallowing problems,of which have never really left was my 1st big relapse,and led to getting my MS diagnosis.


this is my 8th week now,

ihave have been choking,well,thats not right cos no food in my mouth but my throat felt tight-thankfully thats stopped now. i sounded like a dalek too! thanks so much for sharing.

ellie x

I know the foreign accents and at times actually speaking another language not previously learnt does occur at times in people following strokes.

Weird things brains.

Hope you start to pick up soon


thanks anu

i know of her and i!

anyone else?

yes-and jaki-thanks

ellie x