Struggling to speak and write

I am struggling to speak and write (it’s not that bad, people have noticed, but you can understand me) for the last week-ish. It has coincided with a bout of being sick (I assume food poisoning or virus?) so I’m not sure if I just have a virus, or whether I’m relapsing, or what. Does it sound like MS? Should I just email my MS nurse just in case? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi I have problems writing most of the time now and my speech is sometimes slurred. I also go to speak and come out with something totally different.

Apparently in my case it is the MS

I would not like to say in your case it is the MS as obviously you need medical advice

Sorry not much help

Take care


Hi Jayjay.

Get in touch in your MS nurse it’s not anything to worry about it’s just anoying !!

I laugh about my talking in joined up but you know people really don’t understand.

Dont think I have been much help here.

Good luck Debbie x

I think it’s ms. I’ve had two relapses with exactly those symptoms.

Both episodes lated a few weeks, then almost back to normal. My balance took a blow though and still is not good.

lasted I meant. That has been another symptom. I lose the odd word when speaking or the odd letter in my spelling.

I agree with Mark (Josefkloz) that MS can itself cause nausea.

I’ve had many more “sicky bugs” since being diagnosed. It’s gone from about one every decade or so, to a couple a year. I’m sure they are not all genuine sicky bugs, and that it’s either the MS, or something to do with the meds I’m taking for it (every so often my body seems to decide it literally can’t stomach them, even though I tolerate them well for the most part…)



Hi JayJay

My very first episode was slurred speech and difficulty writing. Like Tina, I’m also more prone to upset stomachs these days and this all exacerbates my MS symptoms. It’s very difficult to know what is a genuine virus and what is caused by MS as it all seems very similar sometimes and I can be hot, dizzy and sick one day and fine (ish) the next.

I would ring your MS nurse for advice and to at least get it noted on your records.

Hope things improve for you soon. I found that the speech problem knocked my confidence far worse than any mobility problems. (I’m a chatterbox by nature and when it happens when difficulty writing and you can’t communicate very well at all, it’s my worst nightmare!)

Right now I’m getting my mords in a wuddle whether spoken or written - I’ve just had to read through this very carefully (apart from the deliberate mistake just now!). It’s definitely we broke up from school - I’m long overdue for my 5 week rest.

Tracey x

Hi JayJay,

I’d be inclined to hold MS entirely responsible for your issues. They might have been triggered by a virus but MS has almost certainly caused you to physically react this way. Definitely worth speaking to your MS Nurse about this.

I can no longer write at all (weakness and no control over ‘writing’ hand now), or speak without hesitancy, slurring, considerable physical effort - and some words simply don’t happen any more, regardless of how I break them down or how many times I try to say them!! (Thank heavens for slow typing with one hand or I’d find it virtually impossible to communicate at all.) Being SPMS, it’s unlikely to ever get better, so I’ll just have to consider becoming a Trappist Monk, as I’m half-way there already!!

Not much help, but as I say, have a word with your MS Nurse!

Best of luck,


Hi there, my very first relapse was slurred speech and numbness down one half of my body. They thought I had suffered from a stroke. The speech was kind of understandable but very slurred. I think that is a common relapse symptom. The writing is something I suffer from most of the time as well, at uni I had to miss exams as a result of this even. It was very painful to write and anything I did produce was barely readable. Again, these are results of my ms and most likely (although I couldn’t obviously affirm that) results of yours. Hope this helps! Keep your chin up, Kirsty.