Speech Problems

Good afternoon

I was diagnosed with MS in late 2009 i had in stroke in 2010, I have problems with limb stiffness and cramps along with the HUG and have drugs for these things but this not what i need advice on.

Recently i have noticed my speech has been slurred and i have problems completing a sentence , It is a common problem with the MS ?

Sounds like a winge but it is not, because i know a lot people out there are lot worse off than me.

Thanks & Take care

Mark Keep Smiling

Hi Mark,

A lot of people with MS gets this problem.

When it first happened to me i was scared,but with the help of speach therapist it soon come back.[she even came to the house]

Ask your gp to refer you to one,or MS nurse.[if you have on]

And it is okay to have winge now and again.

Hope you get the help you need soon.

Take Care.


Yes, it is common with MS. As has already been said a speech therapist should be able to help you.

Hi Mark

I too have problems with my speech occasionally. My MS Nurse referred me to a Speech Therapist a few years ago who taught me how to manage these problems.

e.g. Try to ‘over-enunciate’ the words I have problems saying

Watch myself in a mirror as I do (helps me to see that I don’t look as silly as I feel while doing it!)

Break the sentence up in to manageable bits

Take my time getting what I want to say out (don’t talk too fast)

Ask your MS Nurse or GP to refer you to one. He/She will help you.

Best wishes


Thank you all, i will speak to my MSnurse tomorrow as i am going in to hospital.

Once again thank you all

Take care

Mark x